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Services Offered
There are many different modalities of massage and each one is beneficial in different ways. We try to offer as many modalities as possible in order to really help you in the best and most effective way possible for YOU!
We strongly believe that each massage should be personalized to fit your needs! 

Durations of massages offered:
                                                    First Time Client                $ 39.99
                                                    30 minutes                         $ 35.00
                                                    1 hour                                $ 59.00
                                                    90 minutes                         $ 85.00   
(1 Massage per month)               Loyalty Membership               $ 43.99 monthly

 Package                                    3 Massages                           $135.00 

 Senior Rate  (age 60+)                                                           $ 40.00  

Oxygen Bar                                15 minutes                           $  25.00
                                                 30 minutes                           $  35.00
                                                 60 minutes                           $  40.00

Party of 6  $  5.00 discount per person


Sessions include 5 min to undress, 5 minutes to dress and the rest of the time hands-on.
Example: 1 hour session: 5 minutes to undress, 50 minutes hands on, 5 minutes to dress.
Swedish massage is a relaxing, generally soft touch massage, that is used to rejunvinate and refresh the body.
Deep Tissue
Deep tissue is a form of massage that gets into tight, achy muscles and lossens them up.
Prenatal Massage
A massage when you are pregnant is beneficial to both you and your baby. This massage focuses on many of the problems and discomforts that a woman experiences when she is pregnant. It is done side-lying with plenty of support for your body. And when your ready to meet your newborn, we can help to get labor started.
Hot Stone Therapy
Hot Stone massage is a wonderful way to relax and loosen up tight and sore muscles. 
Senior Massage
Senior massage is a massage given that is a firm, but lighter touch where there is no worry of tearing thinning skin. It can help to relieve some of the pain that goes along with arthritis, it can help with edema, and can help to relieve some of the pains that go along with aging.

Cancellation Policy

We do everything we can to make sure our clients get the best possible service. When a client doesn't make their appointment, or cancels at the last minute, that time is wasted  Given this fact, we require a twenty-four hour cancellation notice. We charge full price for a no call, no show. This fee must be paid before further appointments can be made. Gift certificates and coupons are voided by failing to make your appointment or cancel with 24 hours notice.
Of course we understand that life is complicated. In the event of reasonable unexpected life events, or illness, we may waive this policy. This is at the discretion of the scheduled therapist.This policy is only in place to encourage common courtesy.

24 hour advance notice is required
when cancelling an appointment. This allows the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment. 

No Call No Show Policy
Your first no call no show is on us. Mistakes happen and everyone deserves a second chance. To schedule an appointment after a no call no show we will require a credit card on file. If a second no call/no show occurs you will be charged the full price of your appointment via the credit card we have on file. Gift certificates and Groupons will be voided due to a no call no show. Loyalty Members will still be charged for their monthly membership but the massage will be forfeited for that month. If you purchased a package: that scheduled service will be forfeited. Example- if you purchased a 3 massage package you will forfeit one of those massages.

Thank you


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