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Massage is an incredible way to deal with injury!
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Auto Accident
When you get into an auto accident your neck, back, maybe your whole body aches. Massage is reported as the most effective way to treat the pain and your auto insurance will pay for your massages. We at Massage By Sandy & Company would love to work with your auto injuries, it brings more challenges and variety to the work.

If your like most after an auto accident, you think your body will hurt to much if its touched. Don't worry we can work with you carefully to make sure that you are comfortable.
Did you know?
• Did you know that getting started in the first week after your auto accident will help you avoid more pain later?
• Did you know the first 7 weeks after an auto accident is the time when massage is most effective? During the first 7 weeks your muscle is more pliable and will respond to massage treatment the best.  

Work Injury
There is a great variety of massage available and while some therapists think that relaxation massage is good for all conditions, most injuries need a little more extensive work. We at Massage By Sandy & Company recognize this, and use the best methods to get results such as: Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Active Isolated Stretching, Hot & Cold Stone Therapy and many others. By sitting down and discussing your injuries with your therapist, we can determine the best type of massage to help you start healing.

Did you know?
• Did you know that most work injuries can be treated with massage? Once your insurance claim has been allowed Workers Compensation may pay for your massages if prescribed by your doctor.
• Did you know Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip, Repetitive Motion Injuries, Carpal Tunnel, Thoracic Outlet, Sprains, Strains, Headaches, Migraines and many other conditions can be treated with massage. Massage yields great results too.

Sports Injury
Each person and each sport has their own specific needs.  Just like every other kind of injury there is a specific approach tailored to sports injury and to each individual.  It depends not only on your physical conditions but your future plans as well. 
Did you know?
Sports massage is great even if you are not injured! It can help to improve your performance! Massage will help load your muscles with oxygen and nutrients, giving you more power and energy when you need it.
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